Another great photo from Hank Weber: The McDonald ranch where the plutoniom pit was assembled for the gadget.

Jim Eckles on porch with arms spread ...probably indicating size of snake in the room behind him. There are two doors on the front of this adobe building. The one on right was sealed and taped shut to create a primitive clean room. The two plutonium hemispheres were assembled into a sphere in this room.

In the foreground are L: Debbie Bingham, PAO and R: Donna Braun, Editor, Missile Ranger. Sitting at table on left is Joe Felin, then Loraine Moore, Homer McKinstry. Eric Hedlund wears black hat. Bud Hall leans on post to the right of Eckles. Alan and Bev Graham are between Braun and Eckles. Jerry and Mary Ann Tipton snuggle over Braun's right shoulder. I believe Johnson Fields wears the white shoes, with Eric Hart in front of him. Far right is Jenny Mendheim Hoeve w/camcorder.

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