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The following list was provided by Paul Robitaille.
The list is from the Niagara Support Center
Combined Field Maintenance Shop (CFMS) Organizational Chart circa 1970.
Paul is the son of W. H. Robitaille listed as the Facilities Manager.
W. H. RobitailleFacilities ManagerGS-1601-12
Bruno J. SiecaAdministrative AssistantGS-0341-07
Katherine F. AmeroseClerk-StenographerGS-0312-04
Carl M. Babcock, Jr.Shop SuperintendentWS-2614-14
A. PowerElec. FC Sys Insp FormanWS-2618-10
Edward J. MastersonMobile Industrial Equip. InspectorW-5801-12
Thomas KrowkaMobile Industrial Equip. InspectorW-5801-12
A. DuretRadar Equipment InspectorW-2606-13
H. NoyesElec. FC Systems InspectorW-2618-14
E. McFarlaneSupervisory Clerk (Production Control)GS-0301-05
Margaret FaithClerk (Production Control)GS-0301-04
Carolyn KomroyClerk (Production Control)GS-0301-03
Celia TurekClerk (Production Control)GS-0301-03
Eleanor GrissettCard Punch OperatorGS-0356-03
Janie MahoneyCard Punch OperatorGS-0356-03
Henry V. GodziszRadar Eq. Instl/Repr FormanWS-2604-09
Robert D. MajchrzakElec FC Sys Instl/Repr FormanWS-2617-11
Elmer J. WhitacreGM Mech Instl/Repr FormanWS-6612-08
W. F. SmithElec FC Sys Instl/Repr LeaderWL-2617-13
N. FriedlyElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
T. GriffinElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
G. HarringtonElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
H. MajewskiElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
J. O'LearyElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
R. DrozdElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
A. PellegrinoElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
M. ProyElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
E. SalminenElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
K. TorbaElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
R. VoisinetElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWS-2617-13
Roger GoodmanElec FC Sys Installer & RepairerWB-2617-12
J. SwanElec Equipment Installer & RepairerWB-2614-11
L. FrasherElec Equipment Installer & RepairerWB-2604-12
F. DeMarcoRadar Equipment Installer & RepairerWB-2604-12
J. ReinhardtRadar Equipment Installer & RepairerWB-2604-12
D. RoyerRadar Equipment Installer & RepairerWB-2604-12
R. SmithRadar Equipment Installer & RepairerWB-2604-12
N. SchmittRadar Equipment Installer & RepairerWB-2604-12
P. ThomasRadar Equipment Installer & RepairerWB-2604-12
D. ReynoldsGM Mech Installer & RepairerWB-6612-11
T. ReidGM Mech Installer & RepairerWB-6612-11
J. SoboliskiGM Mech Installer & RepairerWB-6612-11
A. WeissGM Mech Installer & RepairerWB-6612-11
T. ArmstrongGM Mech Installer & RepairerWB-6612-11
R. AlvaGM Mech Installer & RepairerWB-6612-11
L DenningGM Mech Installer & RepairerWB-6612-11
Richard P. GatesNuclear Wpns Assy Technician261A/CW3
David N. WimpyNuclear Wpns Maint Forman55G-4N/E-7
WM GriffinElec Test Equipment RepairmanWB-2602-12
Howard L. PetersonSpec Wpns RepairerWB-2602-12
Allan D. KallaNuclear Wpns Electronic Spec.35F-2N/E-5
Ben G. MooreNuclear Wpns Electronic Spec.35F-2N/E-4
Howard D. PumroyNuclear Wpns Electronic Spec.35F-2N/E-3
David Makulski Nuclear Wpns Maint Spec.55G-2T/E-5

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