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This week Beans and Franks
Fort Sheridan, Illinois
Summer 1959
Submitted by: Richard C. McGee

After reading Charlie Hancock's story about SFC ? (whom I recognized immediately) another story came to mind. During the time I was stationed at Fort Sheridan, Illinois my primary duty was inspecting the Missile and Launcher area in each Nike site within the Chicago defense as a member of the 5th Region Command Materiel Maintenance Inspection (CMMI) Team. These sites were located from Gary, IN, the Chicago area, and up into Wisconsin. Many sites were located so that we could travel to and from the site in one day. However, at other times we would spend the entire week TDY inspecting the whole Battalion. If memory serves me right we would inspect each firing battery Monday through Thuursday with HQ & HQ Battery, because it didn't take as long, on Friday. It was on one of these weeklong trips that after the in briefing from our Team Chief to the Battalion Commander a group of us headed for the Mess Hall, as it was known in those days, to inquire what would be served for lunch that day. The Mess Sergeant replied that today and everyday this week we would have Beans and Franks. We asked "every day?" And he repeated "Beans and Franks - everyday." We found another place to eat lunch. They must have had awfully small budgets in those days or the Mess Sgt liked beans and franks.
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