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FORT BLISS - 1962 TO 1964
Fort Bliss
Submitted by: Fred Breton

I was at Ft Bliss '62 - '64. Trained as MOS 225 ( Nike Missile , both Ajax and Herc.) in '62 From Sept. '62 to May '63 was assigned to D btry; 4 msl btn. ; 62 arty.

During that time we supported the training School and spent our time at McGregor (?) range about 35 mi north Of Ft Bliss. Our duty was to - build / test / and prepare to fire live missiles. the Training School was for new 2 nd Lts and at the end of their 8 week course they were allowed to fire off the missiles we had worked on.

This happened every 3 or 4 weeks. "C" btry provided some support both at Ft Bliss and to us at the range. "A & B" btry did support training at Ft Bliss itself.

At that time there was HAWK missile training going on at both places.

As for White Sands itself There might have been some work on the NIKE ZEUS system although I do know there was work on that in the South Pacific.

By that time I am sure there was no work on NIKE Ajaz or Herc. done at White Sands as they both were well beyond developement stage and were out in the field.

Any questions, please ask Fred Breton

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